IL 53/120 Modern Parkway Master Plan

The road to opportunity. Building Route 53 needs your support.

LCTA ranks the IL 53/120 project as the most important transportation project pending for the future of Lake County. LCTA’s President Suzanne Zupec says, “It will enable Lake County to really be open for business in our competitive environment with the state of Wisconsin.”

In 2013, ISTHA partnered with CMAP and Lake County on a two-pronged effort to examine the feasibility of the project with respect to financing and land use. To facilitate this effort, new Finance and Land Use Committees helped provide a recommendation to the Illinois Tollway Board of Directors as to whether the Tollway should continue to move forward with the project. To determine the feasibility, the analysis will focus on five key study areas: design, environmental, financing, operations, and regulatory. CMAP’s Land Use Plan will feed into the design, environmental, and financing aspects of the analysis. The outcome of this effort will help to answer the overarching questions, “Is the project feasible?” and “Should the Tollway build the project?” LCTA is participating in the comprehensive collaboration process. See ISTHA’s IL 53/120 meeting notes.

For more information about the work of Land Use Committee facilitated by CMAP, click here.

Finance Committee Report forwarded to Tollway Board

On March 12, 2015, the ISTHA-created IL 53/120 Project Finance Committee concluded its work with the adoption of its recommendations:

  1. How to fund the extension of Illinois Route 53 north into Lake County
  2. To support Tollway-led work to keep the project moving forward

Click here to read the three-page ISTHA Press Release.

What's Next?

On December 17, 2015, the Illinois Toll Highway Authority Board unanimously approved a resolution authorizing funding for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the IL Route 53/120 project. Click here to read the press release. Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) describe the effects of a proposed project on the environment, which includes land, water, air, structures, living organisms, and social, cultural, and economic aspects. It’s also designed to describe the potential impacts of alternatives. 

Pulling all the Facts Together

The County has put together a brief interactive website describing the benefits of the IL 53/120 project, click here to view. At the end of that site are links to all of the detailed reports that have come out of the collaborative process to date.

This detailed information has been further condensed into a two-sided Information Graphic and Fact Sheet regarding 53/120, click here to view.

You can also receive regular updates about the Route 53 extension project on its Facebook and Twitter pages.