IL 53/120 Modern Parkway Master Plan


By building Route 53, we create opportunity for a healthy, sustainable Lake County. Traffic congestion will be reduced and it will be easier to get around Lake County—by car, bike or bus. This is a road unlike others. Economic opportunity will increase along its 25-mile parkway north and south through Lake County, and the project will protect and restore conservation lands and reconnect fragmented ecosystems while utilizing innovative stormwater management techniques to minimize impacts.

Route 53 Extended: Facts & Figures

  • A 25-mile, modern parkway that protects the natural environment and preserves the character of the area
  • Extends north from the current terminus of IL Route 53 at Lake Cook Road through central county to IL Route 120 where there would be a "T" that would connect U.S. Route 12 to the west and I-94 to the east
  • Two lanes in each direction
  • Depressed roadway sections to preserve community character
  • 45 mph speed limit

To learn more about the Route 53 extension project, visit or the Route 53 Issues page. To show your support for the project, or for regular updates, follow the Build Route 53 Facebook and Twitter pages.