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                          ESL electronic shelf tags - passive ESL system
                          Date:2012.06.27 source:Electronic shelf label screen - professional manufacturer-Wuxi Wei Feng Technology Co., Ltd. http:// Views:
                          Wuxi Wei Feng to provide the solution for a new ESL electronic shelf labeling system, the system by EPD passive display, smart handheld devices, the main remote server, client POS units, data cable, server and client product information procedure. Show some use the EPD passive display, and update its contents by the smart handheld devices through the data line.
                          EPD screen is a reflective display, by the AG film, the electronic ink layer, glass substrate. The electronic paper display electrophoretic display technology (EPD) principles of the invention is made, electrophoretic display technology (EPD) is black, and white charged particles encapsulated in the microcapsule structure, by the applied electric field to control the movements of the different charge of black and white particles move showing a black and white monochrome display, the electric field, the particles of white and black non-stop movement, when white particles rise to the upper surface of all the ambient light hitting the surface is completely reflective, so that the formation of a white state, is the paper the state; when the exchange of the electrode, the particles of the two colors will swap places, so that the white particles can go below, the black particles to the above, light black particles All absorption, the result was black, also black and white display. In addition, the upper surface of a mixed state of two different particles is proportional to the mixing, to form a black and white and different colors of gray levels, EPD technology can present a high reflectivity, high contrast black and white effect, while the memory effect, when to cancel the external electric field, real-time display showing current display, as shown in a printed paper.
                          Because of the bistability, after the abolition of the power the electric field is still retained in the EPD will be the image of months or years.
                          Schematic of the passive EPD screen structure
                          The use of electronic shelf labels, and can greatly enhance the efficiency of the supermarket, embodied in the following areas:
                              a. to save the human resources need to occupy dozens of employees 1-2 hours according to the survey, a large supermarket price tag to replace experience holiday promotions you need to spend more energy, and the use of electronic shelf labels,
                          allows employees from freed, will be devoting more time to other work.
                              b save paper and protect the environment the use of electronic shelf labels for supermarkets to save large quantities of paper price tag, but also saves a lot of the cost of printer ink. In addition to cost savings, more protection of the environment, energy conservation has contributed.
                          EPD screen at the same time using the passive, no power, no driver board, this simple structure, low failure rate.
                              to avoid price and error to use electronic shelf labels to ensure the price of goods on the shelves are always consistent and POS machines, and thus eradicate price discrepancies resulting from customer complaints and the resulting legal consequences.
                          While maintaining the customer's right to information on commodity prices, and create a better shopping environment, making the customer more confidence in the supermarket, improve the supermarket brand.
                              d. makes large-scale promotion of timeshare may use paper labels, because of staffing constraints, large-scale changes in price can only be carried out in the evening, while the use of electronic shelf labels, allowing supermarkets to become a large-scale promotion of the hours
                          possible, to bring more marketing programs to increase sales.
                          e. to store the original paper label by a set of software management, price management system can also manage electronic shelf labels and paper labels, so that is not often change the price of goods labels through this set of management mechanisms to improve efficiency.
                               f electronic shelf labels EPD has a thin, easy to read, not only has the paper is similar to the effect, when compared to traditional paper, but also unlimited updates, and computer connections can be achieved in a timely manner and accurately update benefits for store merchandise management or large-scale storage of goods, the use of EPD's electronic shelf label automated management trends.
                          Easily converted into a standardized product, using a wide range.
                          Application: Widely used in industrial automation, business automation and transport control and management, automated highway toll collection system, parking management systems, materials management, production line automation, security access check, warehouse management and other fields.
                          Main commodity information for the remote server and POS cash register system network synchronization, smart handheld terminal device launch 3G Wireless WIFI network by logging into the client synchronize product information and the main remote server system, so that compared with traditional paper labels:
                          fast, low-cost, accurate advantage.
                          Work process:
                          A system at the beginning data input by the commodity information program on the remote server, enter the product information, brand name, price, bar code, coding, origin, specifications, model, grade, price member, update date, location, notes. Implementation of the one-to-one correspondence of the material code.
                          Scan product bar codes and product information are displayed.
                          Handheld devices scan positioning connected to data lines, and all client information procedures of goods imported commodity information.
                          3. Product information updates, handheld devices and remote servers synchronized, server-side automatically sent to the handheld device update module, prompt updates of goods and targeted locations, and operations personnel.
                          Such operators to find the corresponding EPD screen, scan the bar code of the corresponding goods, suggesting that the OK is updated merchandise, and connect smart handheld devices and passive EPD screen, goods exported to the EPD.
                          Product information management program installed in the main on a remote server, client is responsible for managing supermarket POS cash register systems, intelligent hand-held terminal device receives the main remote server to issue an update module, modified by positioning the appropriate product information.
                          Changes prompted OK, and then under the information to modify.
                          Smart handheld terminal devices work:
                          Smart handheld devices input: standard stylus, optional variety of input methods.
                          Audio: speaker, receiver, full-duplex recording and playback (stereo), software support
                          Indicator: the wireless transmission / reception, scanning, power supply / charger, four kinds of state-color LED indicator
                          Data Communication: GPRS / GSM wireless communication in LAN (WLAN), Bluetooth, 3G.
                          Data collection: linear scanner
                          Principle: a smart handheld devices which are equipped with phone cards, memory card, open GPRS or 3G capabilities, the development of the client with the product information management procedures. Smart handheld devices integrated EPD power control panel and driver IC and the main chip in the smart handheld devices.
                          EPD screen passive in such a smart handheld devices and systems through the data cable, data transmission, or input and output operations.
                          Smart handheld devices equipped with a product information management client program, the first landing by entering your assigned client, the authentication is successful, the login screen by scanning product bar codes, you can scan the barcode on the packaging of goods, you can also scan EPD screen displayed on the product bar codes. This smart handheld devices show the current content of goods. Smart handheld terminal device displays the content and electronic display EPD display the contents can be checked. Smart handheld product information displayed on the terminal device and the remote server sync, display the latest information.
                          So you can check to check.
                          3. Smart handheld devices which also have the client update module, to reflect the updated information of the latest merchandise, we query to locate the location of their goods through the data cable to connect the passive EPD screen, confirm that the update scan proofreading.
                          Updated after confirmation module prompt success of current product information, proceed to update the information of another commodity.
                          Smart handheld devices, one-way to change some product information through handwriting input.
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