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                          Wuxi Vision Peak Technology to promote ESL new concept
                          Date:2012.03.09 source:Electronic shelf label screen http://wf-tech.com Views:

                              Wuxi Vision Peak Technology, Ltd. specializes in the ESL research and development, the development of active ESL and ESL passive multiple systems. Meet the needs of different customers.
                          Electronic shelf labels (electronic shelf label is referred to as ESL), is placed on the shelf, and can replace the traditional paper price tags, electronic display devices, an ESL connected through wired or wireless network and shopping malls computer database, and the latest merchandise The price displayed by the screen on the ESL.
                          ESL fact the shelf into the computer program, to get rid of manually replace the status of the price tag, price consistency between the cashier and shelf.
                          A complete ESL system consists of four parts of the host computer PC, the screen of the EPD, the electronic label ESL and smart handheld terminal equipment. First of all product information in the database from the main computer through the ESL system application software for encoding and processing, and then will need to update the prices and other information via Ethernet (or serial communication port) sent to inspire; excitation to drive the loop antenna will contain RF radio signals to send data information of goods to the entire store (where the loop antenna is usually arranged in the store ceiling around the entire store building, the RF wireless signal coverage limited to a specific within the enclosed space); The electronic tag ESL is a with the identification code of the wireless data receiver, they will receive the RF signal restore the digital signal and displayed, ESL system with point-to-point and mass of the two communication functions, namely: the host computer is either a
                          a specified tag to transmit data, you can also control once and for all labels.
                          Each ESL internally stored information of the corresponding commodity, the salesperson can make use of smart handheld devices to easily query check.
                          ESL is placed in a specially designed PVC rails (rails on the shelf), you can also set up for hanging, or committed to a variety of structures.
                          ESL system also supports remote control of goods through the network of its chain segments-based unified price management.

                          Application of modern technology with the POS machines and scanners have to bring to the retail of great change and opportunity, there is reason to believe the influence of the thousands of ESL to enter the store shelves will be more than the former in size, become a milestone.
                          Return on investment
                          ESL help customers build confidence, you can safely implement its pricing strategy, increase profitability, improve competitiveness, mainly in: 1) fast, accurate price information to improve customer satisfaction; 2) more functionality than paper labels (such as:
                          display promotional signs, multi-currency price, unit price, inventory, etc.); 3) reduce the production of paper labels and maintenance costs; 4) to eliminate technical barriers to active implementation of pricing strategies.

                          ESL in China
                          ESL in the domestic retail industry is in its infancy, one of the reasons are twofold: 1) Compared with developed countries, cheap labor costs makes the maintenance costs of the paper label share a few shopping malls share of total operating costs; ) ESL manufacturers in foreign countries. 3) the cost of installation and use value of the ESL has been a debate of many businesses.
                          Such a balance with the growing internationalization of the retail market in China and ESL development will gradually be broken.
                          The entry of major retail giant to bring advanced technology and management at the same time, the same also trigger a large-scale shopping malls competition.
                          Adoption of new technologies to improve competitiveness will be the inevitable choice for businesses.
                          Will be always the goal pursued by the various ESL manufacturer low cost, competition is mainly between the various manufacturers, the competition in terms of core technology, breakthrough cost bottom line company holds the largest advantage in the ESL market.
                          Although ESL is already close to its bottom line, but with the popularity of the application, the development of related technologies and processes, the cost of ESL is expected to decline further.

                          Technical advantages
                          Viagra peak the first breakthrough in the ESL prices bottleneck for high-volume use of passive systems, electronic shelf labels can be done cheaper, thinner, and the popularity of the door open for ESL applications.
                          Wuxi Wei Feng Technology Co., Ltd. through the introduction of related equipment, and improve related processes, and expand the production capacity of the ESL, the current monthly production capacity of 200,000.
                          Wuxi Wei Feng Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of electronic shelf labels ESL manufacturers, after years of effort, with a number of national patents and independent intellectual property rights, with the ERP, the T-COM board, FPC adapter, RF hardware and software consisting of ESL system, stable, cost-effective; been successfully applied in manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, large supermarkets and other industries. Customized a variety of ESL and.
                          Electronic shelf labels can be customized to bring innovation and personalized viewing experience.
                          We will work with partners to improve the existing products, and constantly develop new products, providing customers with a one-stop services, create brilliant!

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