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                          Overview of e-paper technology
                          Date:2010.05.19 source:Electronic shelf label screen - professional manufacturer-Wuxi Wei Feng Technology Co., Ltd. Views:
                          The electronic paper technology was born in the 1970s, but the real boom is 35 years later.
                          E-paper was originally intended to replace the traditional paper and consume a lot of invented today the emergence of electronic paper for the impact of traditional paper publishing industry is gradually reflected the world has more than 20 kinds of electronic paper] carrier, in 2007 alone there are eight kinds of new electronic paper carrier was born in 2008, this figure will be close to 40 kinds. Table 1 shows the e-paper market in recent years the development of statistics.
                          The nature of electronic paper is above all a flexible display, behind its slim soft features, the emergence of the traditional flat-panel display industry more thorough impact.

                          Electronic Paper Profile
                              The carrier of the electronic paper is a special thin film, the film coated on a layer of charged material (electronic ink), depending on the content of the background control and display combination in order to achieve the purpose of the content displayed The kernel of the electronic paper is a generalized on the IC throughout the reader can be seen as a thin built-in remote display panel. The electronic ink is to positively, many black and white particles negatively charged, sealed in microcapsules within an applied electric field, different, different aggregation of the surface of the monitor, showing a black or white results. The commercialization of the best non-LCD e-paper technology is the E-Ink's electronic ink technology (electrophoretic e-paper). It has many advantages, the most important is rewritable, you can feel free to text or image update in order to achieve a unified platform for browsing of large amounts of content. Very suitable for the naked eye to read, high contrast, clear text, images, and no matter from which direction did not change in a comfortable and relaxing, reading. A major characteristic of the power-saving electronic paper, the text refresh, long-term stay on the screen, read the battery can take down. In other words, reading is not a power, only when the page refresh when the power consumption, so battery life will be very long.
                          The film, light weight, electronic paper can also be moderately folded, curled, light weight, easy to carry.

                              There are a form of electronic paper display panels, "matrix" flexible liquid crystal display is easy to carry the film, the way the nature of the liquid crystal molecular arrangement in the use of the applied voltage change, adjust the light transmission rate and to change the light direction expression to the production of contrast liquid crystal display of the electronic paper idea is that the LCD panels and write image of the device part of phase separation in order to achieve thin and lightweight, and curl to do the imaging paper things. Writing can be used to exert light, heat, surface charge, and a variety of methods to achieve. Relative to other non-LCD technology such as electronic paper products cost a little disadvantage. Its main feature is, as read the situation better, even for a long time staring not make the eyes feel fatigue, adjustment of the optical sense on the surface, processing. The built-in CPU and semiconductor memory device easy to carry, easy to use, just a button to read electronic instrument or electronic books. And expectations linked with the network, so that random access.
                          Cluster of e-paper made of the electronic notebook for access to digital data, and can make use of the records to store information such as the role and use value, because the electronic paper, so easy to be accepted by the user.

                          Characteristics of electronic paper

                          Energy saving: electronic paper has a bistable nature, only to have minimal power consumption when the drive (write), display static images, no power, do not require backlighting
                          Optical class paper: reflective, wide viewing angle, like paper reading experience, not blinking, eye fatigue, can be read outdoors or under the sun
                          Ultra-thin, flexible (the mechanical paper): electrophoretic e-paper film thickness close to the paper, you can choose the backplane of the flexible substrate, the production of ultra-thin flexible displays, with good portability and impact resistance

                          Electronic paper works

                          Most representative of the electronic paper display technology, including: electrophoretic display (EPD); cholesterol LCD (Ch-LCD);
                          Bistable display (EWD) to the column of liquid crystal technology (Bi-TN LCD); electrowetting; current crystal display technology (EFD); interference modulation technique (iMoD) (Qualcomm, mirasol ®) which the electrophoretic display technology (
                          EPD) is the most representative, mature technology, high-performance, mature mass production, low-cost, market share greater than 90%.

                              Electronic paper electronic ink and two substrates: the first part is the electronic ink, sometimes referred to as "the former substrate (front plane); electronic ink to generate text and images required for electronic equipment portfolio, including the control section and display parts, known as the "back substrate (backplane). Back substrate coated with a composition composed of countless tiny particles of transparent electronic ink particle diameter is only half the size of a human hair. Electronic ink is a processed into a thin film of special material, used in combination with the electronic display device is a comprehensive application of chemistry, physics and electronic technology. The electronic ink by the millions of tiny microcapsules size, the diameter of a hair. Each microcapsule contains with positively charged white particles and negatively charged black particles suspended in the cleaning liquid. As shown in Figure 1, the top of the electronic ink film is a layer of transparent material to use as a power extreme; the bottom of the other electrode of the electronic ink microcapsules are sandwiched between the two electrodes. Microcapsules by the negative electric field, the white particles are positively charged and moved to the top of the microcapsule, the corresponding location shown in white; black particles negatively charged in the electric field force, to reach the bottom of the microcapsules, the user can not see the black . If the electric field in the opposite direction, which also displayed the contrary, that is shown in black, white hide.
                          Visible, change the direction of the electric field can switch between black and white, the white parts of the corresponding black corresponds to the graphic part of the paper printed part of the paper does not dwell.

                             Electronic ink coated paper, cloth or other flat objects properly it be an electric shock, you can make hundreds of millions of particles changes color, which according to the set of people continue to change the show the pattern and text. As long as the adjustment of the color of the dye within the particle and micro-particles, will be able to show color and pattern to the electronic ink. In this way is the use of the microcapsules to achieve black and white state voltage can change the image display. Charged white titanium dioxide particles in the microcapsules, and black toner particles move up and down in voltage, in order to draw out the black and white images. Which is characterized by the contrast, brightness visual than ideal, low power consumption, weight is light and easy to make thin, the shape of freedom.
                          In addition, some products is the use of electrophoresis of charged toner, by increasing the intensity of the toner to improve the black and white contrast.

                          In fact, are actively promoting the development of "e-paper and computer integration", has been a successful trial PDA embed electronic paper display, electronic paper that can be connected to a phone. The future of electronic paper will further enrich the display mentioned above, will also expand the range of applications, improve ease of use, for example, can display a variety of information or as paper and handwriting.
                          The future development of this area will cause widespread concern.

                          In addition, the site as well as outdoor large screen advertising billboards, equipped with a thermostat for electronic paper displays, mobile phones, watches, and other creative products, the prospects for the future development of the notice of electronic ink technology.
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